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“Any color you like.”

Black is the uncompromising Python code formatter. By using it, you agree to cede control over minutiae of hand-formatting. In return, Black gives you speed, determinism, and freedom from pycodestyle nagging about formatting. You will save time and mental energy for more important matters.

Blackened code looks the same regardless of the project you're reading. Formatting becomes transparent after a while and you can focus on the content instead.

Black makes code review faster by producing the smallest diffs possible.

Try it out now using the Black Playground. Watch the PyCon 2019 talk to learn more.

Contents: Installation and usage | Code style | Pragmatism | pyproject.toml | Editor integration | blackd | black-primer | Version control integration | GitHub Actions | Ignoring unmodified files | Used by | Testimonials | Show your style | Contributing | Change log | Authors

Installation and usage


Black can be installed by running pip install black. It requires Python 3.6.2+ to run but you can reformat Python 2 code with it, too.

Install from GitHub

If you can't wait for the latest hotness and want to install from GitHub, use:

pip install git+git://


To get started right away with sensible defaults:

black {source_file_or_directory}

You can run Black as a package if running it as a script doesn't work:

python -m black {source_file_or_directory}

Command line options

Black doesn't provide many options. You can list them by running black --help:

Usage: black [OPTIONS] [SRC]...

  The uncompromising code formatter.

  -c, --code TEXT                 Format the code passed in as a string.
  -l, --line-length INTEGER       How many characters per line to allow.
                                  [default: 88]

  -t, --target-version [py27|py33|py34|py35|py36|py37|py38|py39]
                                  Python versions that should be supported by
                                  Black's output. [default: per-file auto-

  --pyi                           Format all input files like typing stubs
                                  regardless of file extension (useful when
                                  piping source on standard input).

  -S, --skip-string-normalization
                                  Don't normalize string quotes or prefixes.
  -C, --skip-magic-trailing-comma
                                  Don't use trailing commas as a reason to
                                  split lines.

  --check                         Don't write the files back, just return the
                                  status.  Return code 0 means nothing would
                                  change.  Return code 1 means some files
                                  would be reformatted. Return code 123 means
                                  there was an internal error.

  --diff                          Don't write the files back, just output a
                                  diff for each file on stdout.

  --color / --no-color            Show colored diff. Only applies when
                                  `--diff` is given.

  --fast / --safe                 If --fast given, skip temporary sanity
                                  checks. [default: --safe]

  --include TEXT                  A regular expression that matches files and
                                  directories that should be included on
                                  recursive searches.  An empty value means
                                  all files are included regardless of the
                                  name.  Use forward slashes for directories
                                  on all platforms (Windows, too).  Exclusions
                                  are calculated first, inclusions later.
                                  [default: \.pyi?$]

  --exclude TEXT                  A regular expression that matches files and
                                  directories that should be excluded on
                                  recursive searches.  An empty value means no
                                  paths are excluded. Use forward slashes for
                                  directories on all platforms (Windows, too).
                                  Exclusions are calculated first, inclusions
                                  later.  [default: /(\.direnv|\.eggs|\.git|\.

  --extend-exclude TEXT           Like --exclude, but adds additional files
                                  and directories on top of the excluded
                                  ones (useful if you simply want to add to
                                  the default).

  --force-exclude TEXT            Like --exclude, but files and directories
                                  matching this regex will be excluded even
                                  when they are passed explicitly as

  --stdin-filename TEXT           The name of the file when passing it through
                                  stdin. Useful to make sure Black will
                                  respect --force-exclude option on some
                                  editors that rely on using stdin.

  -q, --quiet                     Don't emit non-error messages to stderr.
                                  Errors are still emitted; silence those with

  -v, --verbose                   Also emit messages to stderr about files
                                  that were not changed or were ignored due to
                                  exclusion patterns.

  --version                       Show the version and exit.
  --config FILE                   Read configuration from FILE path.
  -h, --help                      Show this message and exit.

Black is a well-behaved Unix-style command-line tool:

  • it does nothing if no sources are passed to it;
  • it will read from standard input and write to standard output if - is used as the filename;
  • it only outputs messages to users on standard error;
  • exits with code 0 unless an internal error occurred (or --check was used).

Using Black with other tools

While Black enforces formatting that conforms to PEP 8, other tools may raise warnings about Black's changes or will overwrite Black's changes. A good example of this is isort. Since Black is barely configurable, these tools should be configured to neither warn about nor overwrite Black's changes.

Actual details on Black compatible configurations for various tools can be found in compatible_configs.

Migrating your code style without ruining git blame

A long-standing argument against moving to automated code formatters like Black is that the migration will clutter up the output of git blame. This was a valid argument, but since Git version 2.23, Git natively supports ignoring revisions in blame with the --ignore-rev option. You can also pass a file listing the revisions to ignore using the --ignore-revs-file option. The changes made by the revision will be ignored when assigning blame. Lines modified by an ignored revision will be blamed on the previous revision that modified those lines.

So when migrating your project's code style to Black, reformat everything and commit the changes (preferably in one massive commit). Then put the full 40 characters commit identifier(s) into a file.

# Migrate code style to Black

Afterwards, you can pass that file to git blame and see clean and meaningful blame information.

$ git blame --ignore-revs-file .git-blame-ignore-revs
7a1ae265 (John Smith 2019-04-15 15:55:13 -0400 1) def very_important_function(text, file):
abdfd8b0 (Alice Doe  2019-09-23 11:39:32 -0400 2)     text = text.lstrip()
7a1ae265 (John Smith 2019-04-15 15:55:13 -0400 3)     with open(file, "r+") as f:
7a1ae265 (John Smith 2019-04-15 15:55:13 -0400 4)         f.write(formatted)

You can even configure git to automatically ignore revisions listed in a file on every call to git blame.

$ git config blame.ignoreRevsFile .git-blame-ignore-revs

The one caveat is that GitHub and GitLab do not yet support ignoring revisions using their native UI of blame. So blame information will be cluttered with a reformatting commit on those platforms. (If you'd like this feature, there's an open issue for GitLab and please let GitHub know!)

NOTE: This is a beta product

Black is already successfully used by many projects, small and big. It also sports a decent test suite. However, it is still very new. Things will probably be wonky for a while. This is made explicit by the "Beta" trove classifier, as well as by the "b" in the version number. What this means for you is that until the formatter becomes stable, you should expect some formatting to change in the future. That being said, no drastic stylistic changes are planned, mostly responses to bug reports.

Also, as a temporary safety measure, Black will check that the reformatted code still produces a valid AST that is equivalent to the original. This slows it down. If you're feeling confident, use --fast.

The Black code style

Black is a PEP 8 compliant opinionated formatter. Black reformats entire files in place. It is not configurable. It doesn't take previous formatting into account. Your main option of configuring Black is that it doesn't reformat blocks that start with # fmt: off and end with # fmt: on, or lines that ends with # fmt: skip. Pay attention that # fmt: on/off have to be on the same level of indentation. To learn more about Black's opinions, to go the_black_code_style.

Please refer to this document before submitting an issue. What seems like a bug might be intended behaviour.


Early versions of Black used to be absolutist in some respects. They took after its initial author. This was fine at the time as it made the implementation simpler and there were not many users anyway. Not many edge cases were reported. As a mature tool, Black does make some exceptions to rules it otherwise holds. This section of the_black_code_style describes what those exceptions are and why this is the case.

Please refer to this document before submitting an issue just like with the document above. What seems like a bug might be intended behaviour.


Black is able to read project-specific default values for its command line options from a pyproject.toml file. This is especially useful for specifying custom --include and --exclude/--extend-exclude patterns for your project.

Pro-tip: If you're asking yourself "Do I need to configure anything?" the answer is "No". Black is all about sensible defaults.

What on Earth is a pyproject.toml file?

PEP 518 defines pyproject.toml as a configuration file to store build system requirements for Python projects. With the help of tools like Poetry or Flit it can fully replace the need for and setup.cfg files.

Where Black looks for the file

By default Black looks for pyproject.toml starting from the common base directory of all files and directories passed on the command line. If it's not there, it looks in parent directories. It stops looking when it finds the file, or a .git directory, or a .hg directory, or the root of the file system, whichever comes first.

If you're formatting standard input, Black will look for configuration starting from the current working directory.

You can also explicitly specify the path to a particular file that you want with --config. In this situation Black will not look for any other file.

If you're running with --verbose, you will see a blue message if a file was found and used.

Please note blackd will not use pyproject.toml configuration.

Configuration format

As the file extension suggests, pyproject.toml is a TOML file. It contains separate sections for different tools. Black is using the [] section. The option keys are the same as long names of options on the command line.

Note that you have to use single-quoted strings in TOML for regular expressions. It's the equivalent of r-strings in Python. Multiline strings are treated as verbose regular expressions by Black. Use [ ] to denote a significant space character.

Example pyproject.toml
line-length = 88
target-version = ['py37']
include = '\.pyi?$'
extend-exclude = '''
# A regex preceded with ^/ will apply only to files and directories
# in the root of the project.
^/  # exclude a file named in the root of the project (in addition to the defaults)

Lookup hierarchy

Command-line options have defaults that you can see in --help. A pyproject.toml can override those defaults. Finally, options provided by the user on the command line override both.

Black will only ever use one pyproject.toml file during an entire run. It doesn't look for multiple files, and doesn't compose configuration from different levels of the file hierarchy.

Editor integration

Black can be integrated into many editors with plugins. They let you run Black on your code with the ease of doing it in your editor. To get started using Black in your editor of choice, please see editor_integration.

Patches are welcome for editors without an editor integration or plugin! More information can be found in editor_integration.


blackd is a small HTTP server that exposes Black's functionality over a simple protocol. The main benefit of using it is to avoid paying the cost of starting up a new Black process every time you want to blacken a file. Please refer to blackd to get the ball rolling.


black-primer is a tool built for CI (and humans) to have Black --check a number of (configured in primer.json) Git accessible projects in parallel. black_primer has more information regarding its usage and configuration.

(A PR adding Mercurial support will be accepted.)

Version control integration

Use pre-commit. Once you have it installed, add this to the .pre-commit-config.yaml in your repository:

  - repo:
    rev: 20.8b1 # Replace by any tag/version:
      - id: black
        language_version: python3 # Should be a command that runs python3.6+

Then run pre-commit install and you're ready to go.

Avoid using args in the hook. Instead, store necessary configuration in pyproject.toml so that editors and command-line usage of Black all behave consistently for your project. See Black's own pyproject.toml for an example.

If you're already using Python 3.7, switch the language_version accordingly. Finally, stable is a branch that tracks the latest release on PyPI. If you'd rather run on master, this is also an option.

GitHub Actions

Create a file named .github/workflows/black.yml inside your repository with:

name: Lint

on: [push, pull_request]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/[email protected]
      - uses: actions/[email protected]
      - uses: psf/[email protected]
          args: ". --check"



optional: Black input arguments. Defaults to . --check --diff.

Ignoring unmodified files

Black remembers files it has already formatted, unless the --diff flag is used or code is passed via standard input. This information is stored per-user. The exact location of the file depends on the Black version and the system on which Black is run. The file is non-portable. The standard location on common operating systems is:

  • Windows: C:\\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\black\black\Cache\<version>\cache.<line-length>.<file-mode>.pickle
  • macOS: /Users/<username>/Library/Caches/black/<version>/cache.<line-length>.<file-mode>.pickle
  • Linux: /home/<username>/.cache/black/<version>/cache.<line-length>.<file-mode>.pickle

file-mode is an int flag that determines whether the file was formatted as 3.6+ only, as .pyi, and whether string normalization was omitted.

To override the location of these files on macOS or Linux, set the environment variable XDG_CACHE_HOME to your preferred location. For example, if you want to put the cache in the directory you're running Black from, set XDG_CACHE_HOME=.cache. Black will then write the above files to .cache/black/<version>/.

Used by

The following notable open-source projects trust Black with enforcing a consistent code style: pytest, tox, Pyramid, Django Channels, Hypothesis, attrs, SQLAlchemy, Poetry, PyPA applications (Warehouse, Bandersnatch, Pipenv, virtualenv), pandas, Pillow, every Datadog Agent Integration, Home Assistant, Zulip.

The following organizations use Black: Facebook, Dropbox, Mozilla, Quora.

Are we missing anyone? Let us know.


Dusty Phillips, writer:

Black is opinionated so you don't have to be.

Hynek Schlawack, creator of attrs, core developer of Twisted and CPython:

An auto-formatter that doesn't suck is all I want for Xmas!

Carl Meyer, Django core developer:

At least the name is good.

Kenneth Reitz, creator of requests and pipenv:

This vastly improves the formatting of our code. Thanks a ton!

Show your style

Use the badge in your project's

[![Code style: black](](

Using the badge in README.rst:

.. image::

Looks like this: Code style: black



Contributing to Black

In terms of inspiration, Black is about as configurable as gofmt. This is deliberate.

Bug reports and fixes are always welcome! However, before you suggest a new feature or configuration knob, ask yourself why you want it. If it enables better integration with some workflow, fixes an inconsistency, speeds things up, and so on - go for it! On the other hand, if your answer is "because I don't like a particular formatting" then you're not ready to embrace Black yet. Such changes are unlikely to get accepted. You can still try but prepare to be disappointed.

More details can be found in CONTRIBUTING.

Change log

The log's become rather long. It moved to its own file.



Glued together by Łukasz Langa.

Maintained with Carol Willing, Carl Meyer, Jelle Zijlstra, Mika Naylor, Zsolt Dollenstein, and Cooper Lees.

Multiple contributions by:

  • Non-prerelease black release

    Non-prerelease black release

    It looks like Black is stable enough at the moment to release it as stable to PyPI. There are plenty of tools and integrations already which rely on black package and the fact that it is still in prerelease state sometime causes inconveniences, i.e. using it with pipenv forces allow_prereleases flag to be set to true.

    C: installation / packaging C: maintenance 
    opened by lig 113
  • "INTERNAL ERROR: Black produced different code on the second pass of the formatter"

    • Version: 20.8b0
    • OS and Python version: all

    This is a rare problem that we're currently investigating. The most common case of it has to do with a combination of magic trailing commas and optional parentheses. Long story short, there's this behavior:

    • Black now treats all pre-existing trailing magic commas found in bracket pairs as signal to explode that bracket pair (e.g. to format it "one element per line");
    • in other places Black inserts trailing commas itself after reformatting a long expression or statement;
    • then on another run, Black finds those trailing commas and treats them as pre-existing trailing commas that signal that the given bracket pair should be exploded.

    The expected behavior is that there should be no difference between the first formatting and the second formatting. In practice Black sometimes chooses for or against optional parentheses differently depending on whether the line should be exploded or not. This is what needs fixing.


    We're working on fixing this, until then, format the file twice with --fast, it will keep its formatting moving forward.

    Call To Action

    If you find a case of this, please attach the generated log here so we can investigate. We've already added three identifying examples of this as expected failures to

    Finally, if you're interested in debugging this yourself, look for should_explode in if statements in the Black codebase. Those are the decisions that lead to unstable formatting.

    T: bug C: unstable formatting F: parentheses F: trailing comma 
    opened by ambv 80
  • Single quotes option

    Single quotes option

    Hi! Although Black now prefers doubles, can we have an option to keep single quotes? Forcing double quotes would make this great project unusable for many users who picked the rule of using single quotes.

    Operating system: MacOS Python version: 3.6 Black version: 18.4a0 Does also happen on master: yes

    T: design 
    opened by bofm 72
  • Black should have an opinion about doc strings

    Black should have an opinion about doc strings

    Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04 Python version: 3.6.1 Black version: master Does also happen on master: yes


    currently Black doesn't seem to have an opinion about doc strings or rather where the quotes should go.

    Black claims for this file for example that it is already formatted:

    def test():
        """This is one possibility.
        Very important stuff here.
    def test2():
        """This is another one possibility.
        Very important stuff here."""
    def test3():
        This is another one possibility.
        Very important stuff here.
    def test4():
        What about this?
    def test5():
        """What about this?
        Some people also like to have an empty line at the end of the doc string.

    The tool pydocstyle (in the spirit of PEP-0257) at least complains that the closing quotes should go on a separate line and if the docstring fits one line it should only span one line.

    It would be nice if that could be incorporated in Black as well.

    Thanks for the great work!


    T: enhancement help wanted good first issue T: design 
    opened by Lukas0907 68
  • tweak collection literals to explode with trailing comma

    tweak collection literals to explode with trailing comma

    This is a change I discussed with @ambv at PyCon - the commit sequence should make things clear. I didn't go to the effort of fixing up existing tests (they'll fail a lot right now), but I can if this looks like a valid approach. This is somewhere between "proof of concept" and something I'd feel happy about, but I wanted feedback on how I'm tackling this early in development since I'm very much noideadog on this code.

    opened by durin42 65
  • Finish

    Finish "magic trailing comma" handling

    #826 introduced the concept of a magic trailing comma: if you, the programmer, explicitly put a trailing comma in a collection, it signals to Black that you want a given collection exploded into multiple lines, always. While this flies a bit in the way of "doesn't look at pre-existing formatting" and "non-configurability", it is extremely pragmatic and consistent with "make diffs as small as possible".

    However, there's issues with it so far. It doesn't yet work on nested collections. Worse yet, in those cases it leaves trailing commas behind when a collection ends up compressed into one line. We need to fix those edge cases to make it generally dependable.

    T: bug 
    opened by ambv 54
  • Black violates pep8 recommendation with long argument list

    Black violates pep8 recommendation with long argument list

    Currently, black reformats long routine names as follow

    # in:
    def very_important_function(template: str, *variables, file: os.PathLike, engine: str, header: bool = True, debug: bool = False):
        """Applies `variables` to the `template` and writes to `file`."""
        with open(file, 'w') as f:
    # out:
    def very_important_function(
        template: str,
        file: os.PathLike,
        engine: str,
        header: bool = True,
        debug: bool = False,
        """Applies `variables` to the `template` and writes to `file`."""
        with open(file, "w") as f:

    Desired style

    The current style done by black violates pep8 recommendation

    # Add 4 spaces (an extra level of indentation) to distinguish arguments from the rest.
    def long_function_name(
            var_one, var_two, var_three,

    The logic and motivation behind pep8 formatting, and against black, is that one wants to keep the indentation of the function definition continuation at a different level compared to the logic block. Otherwise, it's harder to differentiate what's one and what's the other, despite the indented frowny face.

    In fact, flake8 reports a pep8 violation for a case such as this

        if path.suffix in (
            '.js', '.json'
            proto = Protocol.json E125 continuation line with same indent as next logical line

    Black current formatting would be equivalent to this

        if path.suffix in (
            '.js', '.json'
            proto = Protocol.json

    Which we can probably all agree is a bad idea.

    Additional context from python-ideas mailing list

    T: design 
    opened by stefanoborini 54
  • Black does not honor exclude regex when files explicitly listed on the command line

    Black does not honor exclude regex when files explicitly listed on the command line

    Operating system: OSX Python version: 3.6.2 Black version: black, version 18.6b4

    The problem: certain directories in our repo contain generated python code that we don't want black to change. We've configure our repo to run black via pre-commit. Pre-commit invokes black with a list of changed files on the command line, and black's exclude regex does not work against those files and paths.


    black --exclude "/migrations/" content/migrations/
    reformatted content/migrations/
    All done! ✨ 🍰 ✨
    1 file reformatted.

    This makes us sad, since we've carefully put exclusion regexes into our pyproject.toml and black doesn't honor them when pre-commit calls it. Instead, we're having to workaround by configuring pre-commit to skip that path:

    -   repo:
        rev: stable
        - id: black
          language_version: python3.6
          exclude: migrations

    The behavior we'd like to see is that black's exclude regex would apply even when full file paths are listed on the commandline. I'd be happy to try for a PR if this seems like desirable behavior to anyone else...

    opened by adamehirsch 48
  • Fluent interfaces

    Fluent interfaces

    Operating system: Mac OS Python version: 3.6.4 Black version: 18.3a3 Does also happen on master: yes

    Black removes trailing backlashes, which can be used, for instance with yapf, to signal "don't join these line".

    This is problematic, for instance, if one uses the "fluent interface" idiom, which can lead to long chains of attribute accesses in a given expression.

    Here's an example:

    -        return sa.sql \
    -            .select([sa.sql.func.count(membership.c.user_id)]) \
    -            .where(membership.c.group_id == \
    -            .group_by(membership.c.group_id) \
    -            .label('members_count')
    +        return[sa.sql.func.count(membership.c.user_id)]).where(
    +            membership.c.group_id ==
    +        ).group_by(
    +            membership.c.group_id
    +        ).label(
    +            'members_count'
    +        )

    The easiest solution would be to keep the line break in the presence of a backslash.

    T: enhancement help wanted 
    opened by sfermigier 43
  • Offer option other than pyproject.toml for config

    Offer option other than pyproject.toml for config

    It seems that pyproject.toml is a trigger for enabling PEP 517 isolated builds. This seems a not good thing to tie to configuration of black. It broke pyinstaller and others with the pip-19.0 release.

    T: enhancement 
    opened by altendky 41
  • Incompatible with click 8.1.0 (ImportError: cannot import name '_unicodefun' from 'click')

    Incompatible with click 8.1.0 (ImportError: cannot import name '_unicodefun' from 'click')

    Please use Black 22.3.0 which was just released to fix this issue or pin Click to 8.0.0, 8.0.1, 8.0.2, 8.0.3, or 8.0.4.

    ~ @ichard26 at March 28 3:15 PM EST

    So hey y'all, CI is broken eh?

    Anyway, we are aware the most recent release of Click, 8.1.0, is breaking Black. This is because Black imports an internal module so Python 3.6 users with misconfigured LANG continues to work mostly properly. The code that patches click was supposed to be resilient to the module disappearing but the code was catching the wrong exception.

    To unbreak your CI, please pin Click to 8.0.0, 8.0.1, 8.0.2, 8.0.3, or 8.0.4. We are working on a more longterm fix (probably fixing the patching code or getting rid of it entirely) and will try to get a release out soon.

    ~ @ichard26 at March 28 2:29 PM EST

    Describe the bug

    The Github Action step:

    - name: Run black
      uses: psf/[email protected]
         options: "--check --diff"
          version: "22.1.0"

    fails with the following trackeback:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/home/runner/work/_actions/psf/black/stable/.black-env/bin/black", line 8, in <module>
      File "src/black/", line 1423, in patched_main
      File "src/black/", line 1[40](, in patch_click
    ImportError: cannot import name '_unicodefun' from 'click' (/home/runner/work/_actions/psf/black/stable/.black-env/lib/python3.8/site-packages/click/

    To Reproduce

    Run the black action on a Github runner, configured as above.

    Expected behavior

    The action should only fail if files are not formatted.


    OS: runs-on: ubuntu-20.04 Version: 22.1.0 Action: @stable Python version: 3.8 I believe

    Additional context

    T: bug C: installation / packaging 
    opened by stumpylog 40
  • Black collapses lists in return type annotations onto one line, regardless of the

    Black collapses lists in return type annotations onto one line, regardless of the "magic" trailing comma.

    Describe the bug

    Black collapses lists in return type annotations onto one line, regardless of the "magic" trailing comma.

    To Reproduce

    For example, take this code:

    def SimplePyFn(
        context: hl.GeneratorContext,
        buffer_input: Buffer[UInt8, 2],
        func_input: Buffer[Int32, 2],
        float_arg: Scalar[Float32],
        offset: int = 0,
    ) -> tuple[
        Buffer[UInt8, 2],
        Buffer[UInt8, 2],
        ... more code here ...

    And run it with these arguments:

    $ black --target-version py39

    The resulting file contains:

    def SimplePyFn(
        context: hl.GeneratorContext,
        buffer_input: Buffer[UInt8, 2],
        func_input: Buffer[Int32, 2],
        float_arg: Scalar[Float32],
        offset: int = 0,
    ) -> tuple[Buffer[UInt8, 2], Buffer[UInt8, 2],]:
        ... more code here ...

    Expected behavior

    I would have expected the code to either

    1. Not be reformatted due to the magic trailing comma (preferred)
    2. Have the trailing comma removed. (worse)


    • Black's version: black, 22.3.0 (compiled: yes)
    • OS and Python version: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS (WSL), Python 3.8.10
    T: bug F: trailing comma 
    opened by alexreinking 0
  •  Consolidate test and release workflows + add concurrency limit to test + fuzz

    Consolidate test and release workflows + add concurrency limit to test + fuzz


    This makes changes across workflow domains easier (like adding concurrency limits) and overall improves consistency. I plan to submit another PR integrating the mypyc workflow from ichard26/black-mypyc-wheels after this is merged. Here's an example run: (including the mypyc patch)

    This is probably best landed with a rebase merge fyi.

    Checklist - did you ...

    • [x] Add a CHANGELOG entry if necessary? -> n/a
    • [x] Add / update tests if necessary? -> n/a
    • [x] Add new / update outdated documentation?
    skip news C: maintenance 
    opened by ichard26 1
  • Document using pre-commit and how --force-exclude can help

    Document using pre-commit and how --force-exclude can help

    Perhaps we should document this issue in the FAQ? Using pre-commit with Black is pretty common (and it's not always instantly clear it passes all of the files to the hook directly bypassing any file discovery the hook may implement). I'd suggest pre-commit's exclude configurations first, and then black's force-exclude.

    Originally posted by @ichard26 in

    For context, we added the --force-exclude option as pre-commit always passes all filepaths to the hook directly via the command line. It doesn't care whether the filepath came from the CLI or was recursively discovered, unlike --exclude or --include

    We could also document it here:

    good first issue T: documentation C: integrations C: file collection 
    opened by ichard26 0
  • Add support for PEP 646 syntax

    Add support for PEP 646 syntax

    PEP 646 ads two new pieces of syntax in 3.11 (

    • x[a, *b]
    • def f(*args: *T): pass

    We should support both and normalize the syntax to have no space after the * (also cc @isidentical).

    T: enhancement S: accepted C: parser 
    opened by JelleZijlstra 0
  • Feature request: Respect `# fmt: skip` at the end of multi-line statements

    Feature request: Respect `# fmt: skip` at the end of multi-line statements

    Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

    Consider the following un-blackened code:

    d = {}
    d["foo"] = """
    An example of very long text inserted into a dictionary.

    Applying black to this code produces an output that I'd argue is strictly worse than the input:

    d = {}
    ] = """
    An example of very long text inserted into a dictionary.

    It's unclear to me whether this constitutes a bug in black, but regardless I'd expect to be able to disable black on this one statement by writing # fmt: skip as follows:

    d = {}
    d["foo"] = """
    An example of very long text inserted into a dictionary.
    """  # fmt: skip

    This does not seem to work — the line is wrapped exactly as before.

    Describe the solution you'd like

    Python statements whose final line is marked with # fmt: skip should not be reformatted even if the statement spans across multiple lines.

    Describe alternatives you've considered

    My current workaround is to use # fmt: off and # fmt: on, but this is suboptimal as it adds exactly as many lines as it saves, except when there are multiple consecutive statements affected.

    Additional context

    I'm using conda-installed black 21.12b0 on MacOS Big Sur 11.6.

    T: enhancement 
    opened by goodside 0
  • Sublime Text 3 plugin no longer maintained

    Sublime Text 3 plugin no longer maintained

    The documentation currently recommends using the sublack extension but the repo was archived February 28, 2022 and is no longer maintained.

    I am not super conscious which version of Sublime Text I have since version 4 doesn't really advertise it, it's just "Sublime Text" and the About window has a build number rather than a version number. So "Sublime Text" caught my eye in the docs. After looking into the LSP option, I finally figured out I'm on version 4 and the LSP path was the right one.

    Should Sublime Text 3 be removed entirely from this part of the guide? Or at the very least moved below the LSP recommendations so folks on a modern version of ST4 follow the right path?

    Happy to submit a PR either way. Thanks!

    T: documentation 
    opened by jsma 0
  • 22.3.0(Mar 28, 2022)

    Preview style

    • Code cell separators #%% are now standardised to # %% (#2919)
    • Remove unnecessary parentheses from except statements (#2939)
    • Remove unnecessary parentheses from tuple unpacking in for loops (#2945)
    • Avoid magic-trailing-comma in single-element subscripts (#2942)


    • Do not format __pypackages__ directories by default (#2836)
    • Add support for specifying stable version with --required-version (#2832).
    • Avoid crashing when the user has no homedir (#2814)
    • Avoid crashing when md5 is not available (#2905)
    • Fix handling of directory junctions on Windows (#2904)


    • Update pylint config documentation (#2931)


    • Move test to disable plugin in Vim/Neovim, which speeds up loading (#2896)


    • In verbose, mode, log when Black is using user-level config (#2861)


    • Fix Black to work with Click 8.1.0 (#2966)
    • On Python 3.11 and newer, use the standard library's tomllib instead of tomli (#2903)
    • black-primer, the deprecated internal devtool, has been removed and copied to a separate repository (#2924)


    • Black can now parse starred expressions in the target of for and async for statements, e.g for item in *items_1, *items_2: pass (#2879).
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    black_linux(17.03 MB)
    black_macos(7.26 MB)
    black_windows.exe(7.71 MB)
  • 22.1.0(Jan 29, 2022)

    At long last, Black is no longer a beta product! This is the first non-beta release and the first release covered by our new stability policy.


    • Remove Python 2 support (#2740)
    • Introduce the --preview flag (#2752)


    • Deprecate --experimental-string-processing and move the functionality under --preview (#2789)
    • For stubs, one blank line between class attributes and methods is now kept if there's at least one pre-existing blank line (#2736)
    • Black now normalizes string prefix order (#2297)
    • Remove spaces around power operators if both operands are simple (#2726)
    • Work around bug that causes unstable formatting in some cases in the presence of the magic trailing comma (#2807)
    • Use parentheses for attribute access on decimal float and int literals (#2799)
    • Don't add whitespace for attribute access on hexadecimal, binary, octal, and complex literals (#2799)
    • Treat blank lines in stubs the same inside top-level if statements (#2820)
    • Fix unstable formatting with semicolons and arithmetic expressions (#2817)
    • Fix unstable formatting around magic trailing comma (#2572)


    • Fix mapping cases that contain as-expressions, like case {"key": 1 | 2 as password} (#2686)
    • Fix cases that contain multiple top-level as-expressions, like case 1 as a, 2 as b (#2716)
    • Fix call patterns that contain as-expressions with keyword arguments, like case Foo(bar=baz as quux) (#2749)
    • Tuple unpacking on return and yield constructs now implies 3.8+ (#2700)
    • Unparenthesized tuples on annotated assignments (e.g values: Tuple[int, ...] = 1, 2, 3) now implies 3.8+ (#2708)
    • Fix handling of standalone match() or case() when there is a trailing newline or a comment inside of the parentheses. (#2760)
    • from __future__ import annotations statement now implies Python 3.7+ (#2690)


    • Speed-up the new backtracking parser about 4X in general (enabled when --target-version is set to 3.10 and higher). (#2728)
    • Black is now compiled with mypyc for an overall 2x speed-up. 64-bit Windows, MacOS, and Linux (not including musl) are supported. (#1009, #2431)


    • Do not accept bare carriage return line endings in pyproject.toml (#2408)
    • Add configuration option (python-cell-magics) to format cells with custom magics in Jupyter Notebooks (#2744)
    • Allow setting custom cache directory on all platforms with environment variable BLACK_CACHE_DIR (#2739).
    • Enable Python 3.10+ by default, without any extra need to specify --target-version=py310. (#2758)
    • Make passing SRC or --code mandatory and mutually exclusive (#2804)


    • Improve error message for invalid regular expression (#2678)
    • Improve error message when parsing fails during AST safety check by embedding the underlying SyntaxError (#2693)
    • No longer color diff headers white as it's unreadable in light themed terminals (#2691)
    • Text coloring added in the final statistics (#2712)
    • Verbose mode also now describes how a project root was discovered and which paths will be formatted. (#2526)


    • All upper version bounds on dependencies have been removed (#2718)
    • typing-extensions is no longer a required dependency in Python 3.10+ (#2772)
    • Set click lower bound to 8.0.0 as Black crashes on 7.1.2 (#2791)


    • Update GitHub action to support containerized runs (#2748)


    • Change protocol in pip installation instructions to https:// (#2761)
    • Change HTML theme to Furo primarily for its responsive design and mobile support (#2793)
    • Deprecate the black-primer tool (#2809)
    • Document Python support policy (#2819)

    Full Changelog:

    Thank you!

    • @isidentical for their continued work on making our Python 3.10 support better than ever (we made them a co-maintainer :tada:)
    • @hauntsaninja for their help improving our stub style
    • @nipunn1313 making Black more stable (which has been a long running battle)
    • .. and all of my fellow co-maintainers who have made working on this project a wonderful ride @JelleZijlstra @cooperlees @felix-hilden @ambv @zsol

    And also congrats to first contributors!

    • @mwtoews made their first contribution in
    • @gunungpw made their first contribution in
    • @joshowen made their first contribution in
    • @Shivansh-007 made their first contribution in
    • @cbows made their first contribution in
    • @jlazar17 made their first contribution in
    • @VanSHOE made their first contribution in
    • @emfdavid made their first contribution in
    • @mgmarino made their first contribution in
    • @RHammond2 made their first contribution in
    • @percurnicus made their first contribution in
    • @sobolevn made their first contribution in
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    black_linux(17.03 MB)
    black_macos(7.23 MB)
    black_windows.exe(7.68 MB)
  • 21.12b0(Dec 5, 2021)


    • Fix determination of f-string expression spans (#2654)
    • Fix bad formatting of error messages about EOF in multi-line statements (#2343)
    • Functions and classes in blocks now have more consistent surrounding spacing (#2472)

    Jupyter Notebook support

    • Cell magics are now only processed if they are known Python cell magics. Earlier, all cell magics were tokenized, leading to possible indentation errors e.g. with %%writefile. (#2630)
    • Fix assignment to environment variables in Jupyter Notebooks (#2642)

    Python 3.10 support

    • Point users to using --target-version py310 if we detect 3.10-only syntax (#2668)
    • Fix match statements with open sequence subjects, like match a, b: or match a, *b: (#2639) (#2659)
    • Fix match/case statements that contain match/case soft keywords multiple times, like match re.match() (#2661)
    • Fix case statements with an inline body (#2665)
    • Fix styling of starred expressions inside match subject (#2667)
    • Fix parser error location on invalid syntax in a match statement (#2649)
    • Fix Python 3.10 support on platforms without ProcessPoolExecutor (#2631)
    • Improve parsing performance on code that uses match under --target-version py310 up to ~50% (#2670)


    • Remove dependency on regex (#2644) (#2663)

    Thank you!

    • @isidentical for the polishing up 3.10 syntax support (which they contributed in the first place!)
    • @MarcoGorelli for their ever-continuing work on Black's jupyter support
    • @jalaziz for cleaning up our Pyinstaller CD workflow
    • @hauntsaninja for helping us drop the regex dependency

    And also congrats to first contributors!

    • @MatthewScholefield made their first contribution in
    • @AshIsbitt made their first contribution in
    • @kalbasit made their first contribution in
    • @danieleades made their first contribution in
    • @danielsparing made their first contribution in
    • @tanvimoharir made their first contribution in
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    black_linux(16.92 MB)
    black_macos(7.19 MB)
    black_windows.exe(7.71 MB)
  • 21.11b1(Nov 18, 2021)

  • 21.11b0(Nov 17, 2021)


    • Warn about Python 2 deprecation in more cases by improving Python 2 only syntax detection (#2592)
    • Add experimental PyPy support (#2559)
    • Add partial support for the match statement. As it's experimental, it's only enabled when --target-version py310 is explicitly specified (#2586)
    • Add support for parenthesized with (#2586)
    • Declare support for Python 3.10 for running Black (#2562)


    • Fixed vim plugin with Python 3.10 by removing deprecated distutils import (#2610)
    • The vim plugin now parses skip_magic_trailing_comma from pyproject.toml (#2613)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    black_linux(17.60 MB)
    black_macos(7.44 MB)
    black_windows.exe(7.93 MB)
  • 21.10b0(Nov 1, 2021)


    • Document stability policy, that will apply for non-beta releases (#2529)
    • Add new --workers parameter (#2514)
    • Fixed feature detection for positional-only arguments in lambdas (#2532)
    • Bumped typed-ast version minimum to 1.4.3 for 3.10 compatiblity (#2519)
    • Fixed a Python 3.10 compatibility issue where the loop argument was still being passed even though it has been removed (#2580)
    • Deprecate Python 2 formatting support (#2523)


    • Remove dependency on aiohttp-cors (#2500)
    • Bump required aiohttp version to 3.7.4 (#2509)


    • Add primer support for --projects (#2555)
    • Print primer summary after individual failures (#2570)


    • Allow to pass target_version in the vim plugin (#1319)
    • Install build tools in docker file and use multi-stage build to keep the image size down (#2582)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    black_linux(17.61 MB)
    black_macos(7.43 MB)
    black_windows.exe(7.90 MB)
  • 21.9b0(Sep 14, 2021)

  • 21.8b0(Aug 29, 2021)


    • Add support for formatting Jupyter Notebook files (#2357)
    • Move from appdirs dependency to platformdirs (#2375)
    • Present a more user-friendly error if .gitignore is invalid (#2414)
    • The failsafe for accidentally added backslashes in f-string expressions has been hardened to handle more edge cases during quote normalization (#2437)
    • Avoid changing a function return type annotation's type to a tuple by adding a trailing comma (#2384)
    • Parsing support has been added for unparenthesized walruses in set literals, set comprehensions, and indices (#2447).
    • Pin setuptools-scm build-time dependency version (#2457)
    • Exclude typing-extensions version due to it being broken on Python 3.10 (#2460)


    • Replace sys.exit(-1) with raise ImportError as it plays more nicely with tools that scan installed packages (#2440)


    • The provided pre-commit hooks no longer specify language_version to avoid overriding default_language_version (#2430)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    black_linux(16.54 MB)
    black_macos(7.36 MB)
    black_windows.exe(7.89 MB)
  • 21.7b0(Jul 16, 2021)


    • Configuration files using TOML features higher than spec v0.5.0 are now supported (#2301)
    • Add primer support and test for code piped into black via STDIN (#2315)
    • Fix internal error when FORCE_OPTIONAL_PARENTHESES feature is enabled (#2332)
    • Accept empty stdin (#2346)
    • Provide a more useful error when parsing fails during AST safety checks (#2304)


    • Add new latest_release tag automation to follow latest black release on docker images (#2374)


    • The vim plugin now searches upwards from the directory containing the current buffer instead of the current working directory for pyproject.toml. (#1871)
    • The vim plugin now reads the correct string normalization option in pyproject.toml (#1869)
    • The vim plugin no longer crashes Black when there's boolean values in pyproject.toml (#1869)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    black_linux(16.35 MB)
    black_macos(7.30 MB)
    black_windows.exe(7.85 MB)
  • 21.6b0(Jun 10, 2021)


    • Fix failure caused by fmt: skip and indentation (#2281)
    • Account for += assignment when deciding whether to split string (#2312)
    • Correct max string length calculation when there are string operators (#2292)
    • Fixed option usage when using the --code flag (#2259)
    • Do not call uvloop.install() when Black is used as a library (#2303)
    • Added --required-version option to require a specific version to be running (#2300)
    • Fix incorrect custom breakpoint indices when string group contains fake f-strings (#2311)
    • Fix regression where R prefixes would be lowercased for docstrings (#2285)
    • Fix handling of named escapes (\N{...}) when --experimental-string-processing is used (#2319)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    black_linux(16.47 MB)
    black_macos(7.12 MB)
    black_windows.exe(7.82 MB)
  • 21.5b2(May 31, 2021)


    • A space is no longer inserted into empty docstrings (#2249)
    • Fix handling of .gitignore files containing non-ASCII characters on Windows (#2229)
    • Respect .gitignore files in all levels, not only root/.gitignore file (apply .gitignore rules like git does) (#2225)
    • Restored compatibility with Click 8.0 on Python 3.6 when LANG=C used (#2227)
    • Add extra uvloop install + import support if in python env (#2258)
    • Fix --experimental-string-processing crash when matching parens are not found (#2283)
    • Make sure to split lines that start with a string operator (#2286)
    • Fix regular expression that black uses to identify f-expressions (#2287)


    • Add a lower bound for the aiohttp-cors dependency. Only 0.4.0 or higher is supported. (#2231)


    • Release self-contained x86_64 MacOS binaries as part of the GitHub release pipeline (#2198)
    • Always build binaries with the latest available Python (#2260)


    • Add discussion of magic comments to FAQ page (#2272)
    • --experimental-string-processing will be enabled by default in the future (#2273)
    • Fix typos discovered by codespell (#2228)
    • Fix Vim plugin installation instructions. (#2235)
    • Add new Frequently Asked Questions page (#2247)
    • Fix encoding + symlink issues preventing proper build on Windows (#2262)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    black_linux(16.47 MB)
    black_macos(7.12 MB)
    black_windows.exe(7.82 MB)
  • 21.5b1(May 10, 2021)

  • 21.5b0(May 4, 2021)

  • 21.4b2(Apr 28, 2021)

  • 21.4b1(Apr 27, 2021)


    • Fix crash on docstrings ending with "\ ". (#2142)

    • Fix crash when atypical whitespace is cleaned out of dostrings (#2120)

    • Reflect the --skip-magic-trailing-comma and --experimental-string-processing flags in the name of the cache file. Without this fix, changes in these flags would not take effect if the cache had already been populated. (#2131)

    • Don't remove necessary parentheses from assignment expression containing assert / return statements. (#2143)


    • Bump pathspec to >= 0.8.1 to solve invalid .gitignore exclusion handling
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    black.elf(13.84 MB)
    black.exe(7.64 MB)
  • 21.4b0(Apr 25, 2021)


    • Fixed a rare but annoying formatting instability created by the combination of optional trailing commas inserted by Black and optional parentheses looking at pre-existing "magic" trailing commas. This fixes issue #1629 and all of its many many duplicates. (#2126)

    • Black now processes one-line docstrings by stripping leading and trailing spaces, and adding a padding space when needed to break up """". (#1740)

    • Black now cleans up leading non-breaking spaces in comments (#2092)

    • Black now respects --skip-string-normalization when normalizing multiline docstring quotes (#1637)

    • Black no longer removes all empty lines between non-function code and decorators when formatting typing stubs. Now Black enforces a single empty line. (#1646)

    • Black no longer adds an incorrect space after a parenthesized assignment expression in if/while statements (#1655)

    • Added --skip-magic-trailing-comma / -C to avoid using trailing commas as a reason to split lines (#1824)

    • fixed a crash when PWD=/ on POSIX (#1631)

    • fixed "I/O operation on closed file" when using --diff (#1664)

    • Prevent coloured diff output being interleaved with multiple files (#1673)

    • Added support for PEP 614 relaxed decorator syntax on python 3.9 (#1711)

    • Added parsing support for unparenthesized tuples and yield expressions in annotated assignments (#1835)

    • use lowercase hex strings (#1692)

    • added --extend-exclude argument (PR #2005)

    • speed up caching by avoiding pathlib (#1950)

    • --diff correctly indicates when a file doesn't end in a newline (#1662)

    • Added --stdin-filename argument to allow stdin to respect --force-exclude rules (#1780)

    • Lines ending with fmt: skip will now be not formatted (#1800)

    • PR #2053: Black no longer relies on typed-ast for Python 3.8 and higher

    • PR #2053: Python 2 support is now optional, install with python3 -m pip install black[python2] to maintain support.

    • Exclude venv directory by default (#1683)

    • Fixed "Black produced code that is not equivalent to the source" when formatting Python 2 docstrings (#2037)


    • Self-contained native Black binaries are now provided for releases via GitHub Releases (#1743)
    Source code(tar.gz)
    Source code(zip)
    black.elf(13.84 MB)
    black.exe(7.64 MB)
  • 20.8b1(Aug 26, 2020)

  • 20.8b0(Aug 26, 2020)

Komodo Edit is a fast and free multi-language code editor. Written in JS, Python, C++ and based on the Mozilla platform.

Komodo Edit This readme explains how to get started building, using and developing with the Komodo Edit source base. Whilst the main Komodo Edit sourc

ActiveState Komodo 2k Apr 12, 2022
A free Python source code editor and Notepad replacement for Windows

Website Download Features Toolbar Wide array of view options Syntax highlighting support for Python Usable accelerator keys for each function (Ctrl+N,

Mohamed Ahmed 7 Feb 16, 2022
A code-completion engine for Vim

YouCompleteMe: a code-completion engine for Vim NOTE: Minimum Requirements Have Changed Our policy is to support the Vim version that's in the latest

null 23.9k Apr 13, 2022
An experimental code editor for writing algorithms

Algojammer Algojammer is an experimental, proof-of-concept code editor for writing algorithms in Python. It was mainly written to assist with solving

Chris Knott 2.9k Mar 26, 2022
A small, simple editor for beginner Python programmers. Written in Python and Qt5.

Mu - A Simple Python Code Editor Mu is a simple code editor for beginner programmers based on extensive feedback from teachers and learners. Having sa

Mu 1.1k Apr 16, 2022
Python-Text-editor: a simple text editor on Python and Tkinter

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Innokentie 1 Jan 3, 2022
Emacs Python Development Environment

Elpy, the Emacs Python IDE Elpy is an Emacs package to bring powerful Python editing to Emacs. It combines and configures a number of other packages,

Jorgen Schäfer 1.8k Apr 13, 2022
awesome Python autocompletion with SublimeText

SublimeJEDI SublimeJEDI is a Sublime Text 3 and Sublime Text 2 and plugin to the awesome autocomplete library Jedi Python Version Support Sublime Jedi

Serhii Ruskykh 921 Mar 29, 2022
Vim python-mode. PyLint, Rope, Pydoc, breakpoints from box.

Python-mode, a Python IDE for Vim This project needs contributors. Documentation: :help pymode Importa

The Python-Mode 5.3k Apr 7, 2022
Python Tools for Visual Studio

Python tools for Visual Studio Python support for Visual Studio is developed and managed here. Visit our product overview and downloads page, read our

Microsoft 2.4k Apr 13, 2022
Official repository for Spyder - The Scientific Python Development Environment

Copyright © 2009–2021 Spyder Project Contributors Some source files and icons may be under other authorship/licenses; see NOTICE.txt. Project status B

Spyder IDE 6.9k Apr 13, 2022
Leo is an Outliner, Editor, IDE and PIM written in 100% Python.

Leo 6.3,, is now available on GitHub. Leo is an IDE, outliner and PIM. The highlights of Leo 6.3 The unification of Py

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Python IDE for beginners

Thonny Thonny is a Python IDE meant for learning programming. End users See and wiki for more info. Contributors Contributions are

Thonny, Python IDE for beginners 1.6k Apr 13, 2022
A simple Notepad-like editor written in Python

monkepad A simple Notepad-like editor written in Python Since MonkePad is written in one file, all your customization can be done without much trouble

null 5 Dec 28, 2021
A very simple Editor.js parser written in pure Python

pyEditor.js A very simple Editor.js parser written in pure Python. Soon-to-be published on PyPI. Features: Automatically convert Editor.js's JSON outp

Kevo 5 Feb 13, 2022
A basic Python IDE made by Anh Đức

Python IDE by Anh Đức A basic Python IDE made with python module tkinter. Hope you enjoy this IDE! V 1.3 "Open Terminal from IDE" feature V 1.2 Now yo

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The uncompromising Python code formatter

The Uncompromising Code Formatter “Any color you like.” Black is the uncompromising Python code formatter. By using it, you agree to cede control over

Python Software Foundation 27k Apr 15, 2022
The uncompromising Python code formatter

The Uncompromising Code Formatter “Any color you like.” Black is the uncompromising Python code formatter. By using it, you agree to cede control over

Python Software Foundation 27k Apr 17, 2022
A formatter for Python files

YAPF Introduction Most of the current formatters for Python --- e.g., autopep8, and pep8ify --- are made to remove lint errors from code. This has som

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Json Formatter for the standard python logger

Overview This library is provided to allow standard python logging to output log data as json objects. With JSON we can make our logs more readable by

Zakaria Zajac 1.2k Apr 12, 2022
A colored formatter for the python logging module

Log formatting with colors! colorlog.ColoredFormatter is a formatter for use with Python's logging module that outputs records using terminal colors.

Sam Clements 746 Apr 8, 2022
Json Formatter for the standard python logger

This library is provided to allow standard python logging to output log data as json objects. With JSON we can make our logs more readable by machines and we can stop writing custom parsers for syslog type records.

Zakaria Zajac 1k Jul 14, 2021
Your missing PO formatter and linter

pofmt Your missing PO formatter and linter Features Wrap msgid and msgstr with a constant max width. Can act as a pre-commit hook. Display lint errors

Frost Ming 5 Mar 22, 2022
Mdformat is an opinionated Markdown formatter that can be used to enforce a consistent style in Markdown files

Mdformat is an opinionated Markdown formatter that can be used to enforce a consistent style in Markdown files. Mdformat is a Unix-style command-line tool as well as a Python library.

Executable Books 105 Apr 11, 2022
HTML Template Linter and Formatter. Use with Django, Jinja, Nunjucks and Handlebars templates.

Find common formatting issues and reformat HTML templates. Django · Jinja · Nunjucks · Handlebars · Mustache · GoLang Ps, --check it out on other temp

Riverside Healthcare Analytics 76 Apr 13, 2022
Discord-Token-Formatter - A simple script to convert discord tokens from email token to token only format

Discord-Token-Formatter A simple script to convert discord tokens from email:pas

null 1 Feb 5, 2022
This is discord nitro code generator and checker made with python. This will generate nitro codes and checks if the code is valid or not. If code is valid then it will print the code leaving 2 lines and if not then it will print '*'.

Discord Nitro Generator And Checker ⚙️ Rᴜɴ Oɴ Rᴇᴘʟɪᴛ ??️ Lᴀɴɢᴜᴀɢᴇs Aɴᴅ Tᴏᴏʟs If you are taking code from this repository without a fork, then atleast

Vɪɴᴀʏᴀᴋ Pᴀɴᴅᴇʏ 16 Apr 6, 2022
This is the official source code for SLATE. We provide the code for the model, the training code, and a dataset loader for the 3D Shapes dataset. This code is implemented in Pytorch.

SLATE This is the official source code for SLATE. We provide the code for the model, the training code and a dataset loader for the 3D Shapes dataset.

Gautam Singh 41 Mar 29, 2022
Python compiler that massively increases Python's code performance without code changes.

Flyable - A python compiler for highly performant code Flyable is a Python compiler that generates efficient native code. It uses different techniques

Flyable 22 Apr 8, 2022