The official repo for OC-SORT: Observation-Centric SORT on video Multi-Object Tracking. OC-SORT is simple, online and robust to occlusion/non-linear motion.



arXiv License: MIT test

Observation-Centric SORT (OC-SORT) is a pure motion-model-based multi-object tracker. It aims to improve tracking robustness in crowded scenes and when objects are in non-linear motion. It is designed by recognizing and fixing limitations in Kalman filter and SORT. It is flexible to integrate with different detectors and matching modules, such as appearance similarity. It remains, Simple, Online and Real-time.


  • [04/27/2022]: Support intergration with BYTE and multiple cost metrics, such as GIoU, CIoU, etc.
  • [04/02/2022]: A preview version is released after a primary cleanup and refactor.
  • [03/27/2022]: The arxiv preprint of OC-SORT is released.

Benchmark Performance


Dataset HOTA AssA IDF1 MOTA FP FN IDs Frag
MOT17 (private) 63.2 63.2 77.5 78.0 15,129 107,055 1,950 2,040
MOT17 (public) 52.4 57.6 65.1 58.2 4,379 230,449 784 2,006
MOT20 (private) 62.4 62.5 76.4 75.9 20,218 103,791 938 1,004
MOT20 (public) 54.3 59.5 67.0 59.9 4,434 202,502 554 2,345
KITTI-cars 76.5 76.4 - 90.3 2,685 407 250 280
KITTI-pedestrian 54.7 59.1 - 65.1 6,422 1,443 204 609
DanceTrack-test 55.1 38.0 54.2 89.4 114,107 139,083 1,992 3,838
CroHD HeadTrack 44.1 - 62.9 67.9 102,050 164,090 4,243 10,122
  • Results are from reusing detections of previous methods and shared hyper-parameters. Tune the implementation adaptive to datasets may get higher performance.

  • The inference speed is ~28FPS by a RTX 2080Ti GPU. If the detections are provided, the inference speed of OC-SORT association is 700FPS by a i9-3.0GHz CPU.

  • A sample from DanceTrack-test set is as below and more visualizatiosn are available on Google Drive

Get Started

  • See for instructions of installing required components.

  • See for how to get started with OC-SORT.

  • See for available YOLOX weights.

  • See for deployment support over ONNX, TensorRT and ncnn.


To run the tracker on a provided demo video from Youtube:

python3 tools/ --demo_type video -f exps/example/mot/ -c pretrained/ocsort_dance_model.pth.tar --path videos/dance_demo.mp4 --fp16 --fuse --save_result --out_path demo_out.mp4


We are still actively updating OC-SORT. We always welcome contributions to make it better for the community. We have some high-priorty to-dos as below:

  • Add more asssocitaion cost choices: GIoU, CIoU, etc.
  • Support OC-SORT in mmtracking.
  • Add more deployment options and improve the inference speed.
  • Make OC-SORT adaptive to customized detector.

Acknowledgement and Citation

The codebase is built highly upon YOLOX, filterpy, and ByteTrack. We thank their wondeful works. OC-SORT, filterpy and ByteTrack are available under MIT License. And YOLOX uses Apache License 2.0 License.

If you find this work useful, please consider to cite our paper:

  title={Observation-Centric SORT: Rethinking SORT for Robust Multi-Object Tracking},
  author={Cao, Jinkun and Weng, Xinshuo and Khirodkar, Rawal and Pang, Jiangmiao and Kitani, Kris},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2203.14360},
  • OCSORT + ByteTrack?

    OCSORT + ByteTrack?

    Thanks for the amazing work again!

    After replacing the SORT kalman filter in with the JDE kalman filter, I got higher HOTA and faster speed, which may indicates that ocsort with SORT settings can be improved.

    So, do you plan to provide a version of ocsort with BYTE?

    opened by HanGuangXin 16
  • Evaluation DanceTrack

    Evaluation DanceTrack

    Hello, I ran the evaluation code "python tools/ -f exps/example/mot/ -c pretrained/bytetrack_dance_model.pth.tar -b 1 -d 1 --fp16 --fuse --expn /output", and got the dancetrack0004.txt like this: image "1,3.0,772.2,309.5,261.9,767.8,-1,-1,-1,-1 1,2.0,969.3,414.5,299.7,579.2,-1,-1,-1,-1" what are the means of these numbers, and how can i use them?

    opened by iTruffle 15
  • update ocsort with BYTE

    update ocsort with BYTE

    Update OC-SORT with BYTE in ByteTrack.

    With, pretrained model and default settings, you can simply get both higher MOTA and HOTA than original OC-SORT and ByteTrack.


    opened by HanGuangXin 8
  • [Question] Is there currently a way to replace the Yolox detector with another detector?

    [Question] Is there currently a way to replace the Yolox detector with another detector?

    I want to try and run OC-SORT with a few different detectors (YoloV5, F-RCNN, CNN) just to experiment and see how well the detectors perform with OC-SORT.

    opened by aelahi23 7
  • demo video is not works

    demo video is not works

    when i run the demo given in README, i can not find the pretrained model "bytetrack_dance_model.pth.tar", and i used "ocsort_dancetrack.pth.tar" given in model zoo, python tools/ --demo_type video -f exps/example/mot/ -c pretrained/bytetrack_dance_model.pth.tar --path videos/dance_demo.mp4 --fp16 --fuse --save_result --out_path demo_out.mp4, but the result has no any bounding boxes?

    opened by MargeryLab 7
  • AssertionError


    I got errors like these: image

    my environment like this: pytorch==1.7.1 python==3.8 cuda==11.0

    and i run this: conda install pytorch==1.7.1 torchvision==0.8.2 torchaudio==0.7.2 cudatoolkit=11.0 -c pytorch

    opened by iTruffle 6
  • ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'yolox'

    ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'yolox'

    I successfully ran the code last week. But i failed today. I strcutly follow the readme, and installed libglib2.0-dev. I want to test the video you provided.

    python3 tools/ --demo_type video -f exps/example/mot/ -c pretrained/bytetrack_dance_model.pth.tar --path videos/dance_demo.mp4 --fp16 --fuse --save_result --out_path demo_out.mp4

    And i got an error like this: image I also got this error last week, and change the path to solve it, and then i got other errors. I do not want to modify this code. Why is it happen? What should i do to sovle it? image

    opened by iTruffle 5
  • speed_direction_batch() at the beginning of tracking

    speed_direction_batch() at the beginning of tracking

    Thanks for the amazing work!

    But I find something confusing when using oc-sort. At the beginning of tracking (like frame 2), the input variables of function speed_direction_batch() is detections and previous_obs.

    But the previous_obs is [-1, -1, -1, -1, -1], which I don't think is normal.

    Is it an issue, or I should just ignore it?

    opened by HanGuangXin 5
  • TrackEval for mot_challenge

    TrackEval for mot_challenge

    Hello, thank you very much for your excellent work. I got TrackEvalto evaluate mot_challenge. But TrackEval just have python files and samples for train sets, do not have files or samples for test sets. Would i get your python project for evaluating mot_challenge?

    opened by iTruffle 4
  • Problem with

    Problem with


    I've been trying to use dti() in with the results I get from, but I think this function has a problem - on line 78 of, I believe n_frame = tracklet.shape[0] will always return 1. Therefore I don't think the following code is ever run. And when I have tried to change this, e.g. n_frame = int(tracklet[:,0]) , I run into different problems, e.g. I think the score threshold doesn't work because in the score is always written as 1.0 - results.append(f"{frame_id},{tid},{tlwh[0]:.2f},{tlwh[1]:.2f},{tlwh[2]:.2f},{tlwh[3]:.2f},1.0,-1,-1,-1\n")) .

    If you could tell me how to usethis code with the text files output by demo_track I would be very grateful.


    opened by ajwl27 4
  • Why multiply scores?

    Why multiply scores?

    作者您好,很感谢您开源这么优异的跟踪器。在阅读您的代码时,我注意到您在处理angle_diff_cost时,将其与scores相乘。这个操作我不太理解,如果您方便的话,请您给讲解一下~ 另外,您在处理IoU距离时,将其resize到[0,1]。diff_angle值域是[-0.5,0.5],由于乘系数vdc_weight 0.2,所以值域变为[-0.1, 0.1]。那么,最终两个框之间的距离在区间[-0.1, 1.1],请问我这样理解对吗?期待您的回复,感谢! image

    opened by majx1997 4
  • Questions About Pretrained Weights

    Questions About Pretrained Weights

    Hi! Thanks a lot for this neat and splendid work for MOT community.

    Here you provided some YOLOX weights. I opened the Google Drive links and found that there is only one model for DanceTrack.

    I use it for DanceTrack-test and get a HOTA score of 54.9, which is close to 55.1. (I wonder if you have witnessed some noise of test metrics)

    I want to know what data has been used for training ocsort_dance_model.pth.tar. In MODEL_ZOO there is DanceTrack-val, but DanceTrack-val and DanceTrack-test share that same model. Does it mean that this model is finetuned only with DanceTrack-train?

    Furthermore, I wonder which model is this DanceTrack YOLOX inherited from ByteTrack MODEL_ZOO.

    It would be better if you can provide the training strategy for further investigation. 😃

    opened by ZXYFrank 0
  • Suggestion for parameter optimization

    Suggestion for parameter optimization


    When using the algorithm with the YOLOX_X trained with the COCO dataset for 80 classes, I cannot get the results I expected.

    When I use the videos for detection directly in YOLOX, I can get results with high confidence. But when I run the demo track by changing the number of classes in the experiment file to 80, I get the following results.

    Here is the tracking output of OC_SORT for a random frame.


    And this is the related YOLOX_X detector output for that frame. detect

    The situation is same when there are only one car at the frame. Likewise, when I try on some other algorithms using YOLOX detector (i.e Unitrack), I can get satisfactory results. When I run the "palace.mp4" video in the Bytetrack repository on OC_SORT using the same detector, I get a very successful result. There is probably a point I missed.

    I also tried making changes to some parameters in utils/args but the result is still not what I expected. Do you have any advice on parameter optimization?


    opened by YamacTan 0
  • AssertionError in train MOT20

    AssertionError in train MOT20

    I can successfully run evaluation code for MOT17 and MOT20 and video demo. But I got an error in training for MOT20, using 'python tools/ -f exps/example/mot/ -d 1 -b 48 --fp16 -o -c pretrained/yolox_x.pth', like this: image

    opened by iTruffle 3
  • Matlab Wrapper Code Available

    Matlab Wrapper Code Available


    I needed to run OC-SORT from MATLAB with a matrix of detections and get a matrix of tracks back. I wrote a simple wrapper function based on your code and it seems to be working. I needed to make a minor change to the init function of the OCSORT class and I changed the result writing portion as well. I seem to be getting the same results as your original script, so I think it is working fine. Would you like me to share the code with you?

    opened by JLJ19 3
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